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  • Research on Manuka Honey~Manuka Honey Properties~

  • Manuka honey is extremely precious and contains more powerful antibacterial properties than other types of honey. Manuka is a special type of honey which is derived from Manuka flowers that only exist in New Zealand.
    Manuka oil, which is extracted from Manuka leaves and bark, and Manuka honey have remarkable antibacterial activities, and the native Maoris have highly valued them as treatments for colds and wounds since ancient times.

    Today, the medical benefits of Manuka honey are recognized, so Manuka oil and honey are treated as pharmaceutical products in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Honey made in New Zealand

    Almost none honey bee disease exists in New Zealand. In addition, the law forbids providing honey bees with antibiotic drugs. In this way, New Zealand is a country that gives consideration to living creatures and nature. That is why New Zealand can produce safe and secure honey.

  • The Benefits of Manuka Honey

    1.Powerful antibacterial properties 2.Wound and burn healing 3.Anti-inflammatory properties 4.Enhanced immune function 5.Reduced cholesterol levels 6.Beauty and moisturizing effects 7.Treatment for acne and damaged skin 8.Bad breath and cavity prevention 9.Control of helicobacter pylori 10.Prevention and treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcers
  • Manuka Honey Properties

    1.Powerful antibacterial properties (Eight times stronger than normal honey) 2.Extremely precious 3.Heat and light resistant 4.Expensive 5.A unique ingredient, UMF* (Unique Manuka Factor)*Strong antibacterial effect against helicobacter pylori

    Honey bees have antibacterial activity derived from hydrogen peroxide occurred biologically. However, the antibacterial activity varies.
    Some honey types have lower antibacterial activity than that of sugar while some honey types have as high antibacterial activity as to stop the growth of bacteria even when diluted with hundred parts of water. In this way, the antibacterial activity of honey differs significantly depending on the honey type. In such a sense too, Manuka honey is really special honey. It is said that the antibacterial activity of general honey is weak against heat so it does not exert its effect if it is put in hot tea. However, the antibacterial activity of the Manuka honey has a characteristic that is strong against heat.

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    • Wonderful "absorbing power" and "taste"


      COLLA-BEE contains a good balance of 10,000 mg of "collagen" that is popular in the market and effective for improving skin conditions and 1,000 mg of rare "Manuka honey" that is excellent in immunizing power and bactericidal power. COLLA-BEE is a beauty drink that has a high synergetic effect of collagen and Manuka honey and exerts its effects in improving your internal condition for shining beauty.

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