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18.	Message from the founder

    創立者の声- Message from the founder -

    • I came to be interested in honey 13 years ago when I was deeply impressed by its excellent effects and efficacy, which I heard from a friend from Singapore. There are many different kinds of honey, each with a different color, texture, taste, aroma, nutrients and effects, all of which are determined by their environment, soil and flower type. I was convinced then that honey could be extended to a wide range of applications, and thought that the ideas and repertoire for it would expand for areas specializing in beauty, for example cosmetics and health foods.

      Honey has been the focus of attention since ancient times because of its excellent effects, but in recent years interest has grown even further and demands for it are increasing. I made a decision to make use of the know-how I have gained as a pioneer of gel cosmetics to work at the development of products which exploit the characteristics of honey, in order to establish a new market.

      There are already health and beauty related honey products on the market, including royal jelly, propolis and beeswax. The product I am looking for is no ordinary honey product. I want a product that has some new performance which is reproducible, and at the same time gives a very distinct impression. Whilst continuing various lines of research, I came across manuka honey, a honey in a natural state which is only produced in the wild in New Zealand.
      The antimicrobial action and sterilizing power of manuka honey are superior to those of ordinary honey. It is managed with strict standards and has a high rarity value. I looked at its various effects, which are also being examined by the medical world, and planned its use in skin-care products and beauty drinks.

      Honey contains a good balance of the vitamins and minerals essential for health and its various effects have been scientifically proven. In some countries it is treated as a dietary supplement and a therapeutic remedy. Of course, it also has an abundance of nutritional components that are effective for beauty. I want to offer skin care products for healthy skin by making use of this health and beauty enhancing honey and its by-products.

    Blend of collagen and Manuka honey

    COLLA-BEE contains a good balance of 10,000 mg of "collagen" that is popular in the market and effective for improving skin conditions and 1,000 mg of rare "Manuka honey" that is excellent in immunizing power and bactericidal power. COLLA-BEE is a beauty drink that has a high synergetic effect of collagen and Manuka honey and exerts its effects in improving your internal condition for shining beauty.

    Wonderful benefits of COLLA-BEE

    Wonderful “absorbing power” and “taste”

    Drinks containing many ingredients tend to be hard to drink because they have a strong flavor and ingredient-specific strong taste. Wishing you to drink COLLA-BEE every day, we made COLLA-BEE to be an easy-to-drink taste you do not get bored by adding some acid pineapple taste to the natural honey sweetness. It also contains safe and high-quality fish collagen (100% tilapia scales). Additionally, fish collagen is depolymerized so that it is effectively absorbed into the body.

    Eight beauty components and low price

    COLLA-BEE contains abundant collagen and Manuka honey. A bottle of COLLA-BEE contains eight beauty components. The price of COLLA-BEE is lower than other beauty drinks that contain an equivalent amount of collagen so that you can drink COLLA-BEE every day.

    Supplement Facts Serving Size:1 Bottle(50ml)

    Fish Collagen Peptide ・・・ 10,000mg
    Manuka Honey ・・・ 1,000mg
    Royal Jelly ・・・ 100mg
    Elastin ・・・ 5mg
    N-acetyl glucosamine ・・・ 10mg
    Rice Ceramide ・・・ 5mg
    Hyaluronic Acid ・・・ 5mg
    Vitamin C ・・・ 160mg

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