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About Honey

  • Power of Honey

  • Honey is excellent in bactericidal effects and moisture-retaining power so it has been used for beauty and in drugs since early times.
    It contains not only high-quality vitamins and minerals but also nutrients such as amino acid and enzymes. Honey can truly be called a natural supplement produced from honey bees and plants.

  • Honey is nutritious.

    Honey is abundant in nutrients
  • The chief compound of honey is sugars (about 80%) and the rest is water (about 20%). The sugars are glucose and fructose that are decomposed compounds of sucrose (flower nectar). Glucose and fructose are the smallest units of monomeric sugars. That is to say, honey is in a state of requiring no further decomposition so it causes less stress to the body and is fast absorbed into the body. Therefore, honey is effective in relieving fatigue and giving extra power.
    Honey also contains minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium, vitamins such as B-complex vitamins and pantothenic acid, and natural ingredients such as amino acid and enzymes, all of which are needed to maintain health. Various effects of honey, with its rich and good balanced ingredients and bactericidal effects have been scientifically proven.

  • Beauty effects of honey

    The secret of why honey improves your internal condition for beauty
  • Honey is abundant in B-complex vitamins essential for producing beautiful skin and minerals that improve the condition of internal organs.
    Honey also has an intestinal healing effect so it keeps your bowel movements regular.
  • The secret of why honey makes you more beautiful from the outside.
  • B-complex vitamins and niacin have a skin conditioning effect and is also effective in improving rough skin. Honey has a good moisture-retaining power so it makes you skin moistened and smooth. Since it also has good bactericidal effects, it is expectedly effective in improving acne skin.
    It is said that Cleopatra used honey facial masks regularly.

  • he gift from honeybees

  • Royal jelly

    Royal jelly is a jelly produced by honey bees (working bees) and is the only energy source for the queen bee. It is a special food given only to the queen bee. A queen bee that was given royal jelly grows as 2 to 3 times as big as a working bee and lives as about 40 times long as a working bee.
    Royal jelly is more nutritious than honey so it is popular as a health food.
  • Beeswax

    Beeswax constitutes a beehive. The beeswax is produced from the abdominal segment of a honey bee. It seems to have excellent bactericidal effects so it is called a natural antibiotic drug. 
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